Stefan Brüggemann
Beats per Minute Paintings Beats per Minute Paintings Made in an unlimited series of unique works, combine block colours or abstract colour fields with a recurring text.
Cartoon Paintings Cartoon Paintings A body of works that appropriate an original satirical cartoon by the American artist Ad Reinhardt made in the late 1950s.
Conceptual Decoration Conceptual Decoration Articulates Brüggemann’s interest in contradiction and paradox, themes which he returns to frequently in his work.
Exit Door Exit Door The work forms part of a larger body of sculptures that replicate standard architectural features.
Headlines & Last Lines in the Movies Headlines & Last Lines in the Movies Comprised of unique works, Headlines are always taken from the news and the Last Line(s) are quoted from a list of dramatic films.
Hi-Speed Contrast Paintings Hi-Speed Contrast Paintings Subjects of reproduction and scale underpin the works in this series. Photographs of particular details are digitally augmented so as to become illegible.
Hyper-Palimpsest Hyper-Palimpsest 45 Text Pieces (1997-2019) are presented in juxtaposition with his Headlines and Last Line in the Movies (2019).
Hyper-Poems Hyper-Poems ‘Slogans’ written as part of the greater body of his Text Pieces.
Inverted Mirrors Inverted Mirrors Brüggemann reverses the function and legibility of a material object – facing mirrored surfaces against the wall to eradicate reflection.
Make Me Paintings Make Me Paintings Works combine Brüggemann’s concern with painterly gesture as a form of performative action and his commitment to working in situ.
Monuments for the Ceiling Monuments for the Ceiling Comprises individual works assembled from fluorescent tubes that can be presented as individual sculptures or as an installation.
Neon Obliteration Neon Obliteration Employs differently coloured and continuous neon tubing that is bent and overlapped to give the impression of a hastily scratched or drawn line.
Note Paintings Note Paintings Notes are perceived as precursors to a final text, while in an artist’s studio refer to preparatory sketches or a visual shorthand of influences.
Obliterated Mirrors Obliterated Mirrors Examines the relationship between the viewer and the art object, Brüggemann wants to place the spectator in ‘an existential position’.
Obliterated Paintings Obliterated Paintings Brüggemann overpaints screenprinted images and text pieces with silver aluminium paint to the point where the original information becomes illegible.
Outdoor Sculpture Outdoor Sculpture Clad in stainless steel and intended for outdoor installation, Brüggemann removes the binary of inner and outer.
Puddle Paintings Puddle Paintings Employ elements such as handwritten words and combine them with the raw application of poured aluminium paint.
Showtitles Showtitles His proposal is to conceive of over 1000 exhibition titles and to make them available to artists and curators through a website.
Tautological Paintings Tautological Paintings Set of six grey paintings that display their actual price, Brüggemann states that what interests him is ‘the notion that people buy prices rather than works’.
Text Pieces Text Pieces Fixed directly to the wall, the graphic identity of these vinyl texts remains consistent through the use of the Arial bold typeface.
Time Paintings / Timeless Time Paintings / Timeless The series is comprised of individual Time Paintings and installations. Its central motif is the use of a text taken from an earlier work entitled Time (2014).
Trap Door / (Unconscious) Trap Door / (Unconscious) Trap Door extends Brüggemann’s preoccupation with standard industrial assemblage.
Trash Drawings Trash Drawings Closely related to the eponymous paintings, here black and white copies of the artist’s notes are individually framed.
Trash Mirror Boxes Trash Mirror Boxes Comprises a large quantity of reflective glass boxes arranged in stacks of different configurations and numbers, reminiscent of standard packing cartons.
Trash Paintings Trash Paintings Canvases feature silkscreened texts written or gathered by the artist overpainted with the word ‘trash’ as if Brüggemann were dismissing the previous output as being worthless.
Untitled (Joke & Definition Paintings) Untitled (Joke & Definition Paintings) He appropriates Kosuth’s series Art as Ideas (1966) and Prince Joke Paintings (1985) by combining the sober dictionary definitions with arcane jokes in a single canvas.