Stefan Brüggemann
Showtitles Showtitles Showtitles

Brüggemann’s works are emblematic of the Contemporary: they comment upon and critique the mechanisms, institutions and tools of art today; indeed, it is arguable that it is no longer possible to make relevant work that does not acknowledge the artworld as a framing device to some degree.

The naming of an exhibition is precisely one of art’s conventions and Showtitles presents a critical and innovative perspective on the subject. An exhibition conventionally gathers artworks to demonstrate a set of aesthetic or conceptual relations. For Showtitles Brüggemann accepts this convention but refrains from making exhibitions, preferring only to name them. His proposal is to conceive of over 1000 exhibition titles and to make them available to artists and curators through a website, to be attached to potential exhibitions they might curate. In the event of a selection, the curator closes the circle by simply sending an Cover of the new exhibition to Brüggemann.

In addition, Showtitles has been exhibited as a conventional exhibition featuring all the titles created by the artist. They act as a properly numbered archive, an inventory of possible curatorial propositions. In this instance, the notion of exhibiting becomes a hypothetical experience that exists only in the mind of the spectator, since no particular show is actually being staged.