Stefan Brüggemann
Inverted Mirrors Inverted Mirrors Inverted Mirrors
Inverted Mirrors

In the series Inverted Mirrors Brüggemann reverses the function and legibility of a material object – facing mirrored surfaces against the wall to eradicate reflection. The simple gesture employed by the artist functions as a form of negation, a denial of the expected. Displayed as a single work, it withholds the beholder’s own image, while shown as an installation it is essentially performative through the ability to void the room. The viewer is invited to inspect the verso of the mirrors as if they were dysfunctional paintings or prints refusing to conform to the standard requirement of images, that is, their display modality.

As is often the case, contradiction resides at the heart of Brüggemann’s stance, but affirmation and negation are not to be understood as fixed positions – rather, they underscore the presence of a relationship between opposites in which both are held to be true and all things have an antipode.