Stefan Brüggemann
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Solo Timeless Parra & Romero Ibiza Spain 2015

Press Release


Parra & Romero is pleased to present its first solo show by the artist Stefan Brüggemann (Mexico, 1975) at its gallery in Ibiza. Titled Timeless, the show reflects the accelerated society where we live. A society where everything is running so fast, but, at the same time remains static.

Stefan Brüggemann’s work is rooted in the Post Conceptualism of the 60’s and 70’s. Our environment and the traditional aesthetic categorizations are questioned by his artistic practice, always from a critical, sometimes ironical, point of view. His intention is confronting the spectator with himself, suggesting questions, never certain answers.

The artwork that articulates the show is Time Paintings, 2015, the huge mirror wall that dominates all the space. The use of the mirror is a constant on Brüggemann’s artistic practice. It represents the speculation and alludes to the tension between fiction and reality. Using this, the artist confronts the viewer with the piece, inviting him to look inside himself. On this occasion two layers are applied on the mirror surface. The first one is a vinyl text coming from the work Time, 2014, which thinks about the time velocity. The text is fixed to the surface in a gestural way. The words are overlapped and part of the information is lost. Equally, nowadays the velocity of the information exchange provokes the loss of significance. Finally, as the Puddle Paintings series, the artist applies a second layer of liquid aluminium streams, which provide a sensation of static dynamism, as the work is frozen on time.

The Trash Mirror Boxes (After M.V), 2015 also use the mirror as starting point and are a critic to the consumer society. These works part from a subtle wink to Meyer Vaisman oeuvre. In 1991 this Venezuelan artist created a series of cardboard boxes marked with the word “trash”, making out that they contained rubbish. However, in Brüggemann’s boxes the trash is not inside the box, it is in the environment that surrounds it. Besides, these pieces are not part of a series. Each box is different, as the text is taken from the artist’s handwriting. All of them have the same text, but executed in a different way in each one.

Finally, This is not an exit, 2015 refers to an existential question: the necessity we have of finding an exit, an escape valve. However, at the end, we are able to escape from everything except from ourselves. This is a work that does not give conclusions, it suggests several questions. Is it possible to use the door? Can we open it? Where does it lead? Is it a sculpture or an installation?

Stefan Brüggemann lives and works between London and México D.F. He recently exhibited at Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada, 2014; Museo Jumex, México, 2013; The Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2013; Jeu de Paume, París, 2013; Bass Museum, Miami Beach, 2012; Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Roma, Italy, 2012; Museo Tamayo, México D.F., 2012; Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, Barcelona, 2011; M HKA, Amberes, Belgium, 2011; Fundação Serralves, Porto, Portugal, 2010; Villa du Parc, Anemasse, France, 2010; Kunsthalle Lissabon, Lisboa, 2010; Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland, 2008.