Stefan Brüggemann
Le confort moderne Le confort moderne Le confort moderne

Group Le confort moderne Curated by Mathieu Copeland Poiters France 2012

Press Release

"Le Confort Moderne" at Le Confort Moderne speaks for itself: an exhibition named after the venue where it takes place (both a mythic music venue and art center) can only bring us back to these issues, its issues, our issues! Mathieu Copeland.

The exhibition arose from a meeting with Mathieu Copeland and from the common feel, or rather the common listening, of the place. Le Confort Moderne has been a music venue and art centre for over 20 years, and its space acts as a matrix of Le Confort Moderne. These modern comforts slide between pictorial or conceptual, through practical objects or receptacles, and are organized into five parts: actions, scores, films, concerts and a painting salon. Paintings become screens, the concerts activate the pieces, the films were made in collaboration between artists and musicians.

Envisaging the exhibition and its link between the 'practicable' and the 'object' (the praxis and the objekt) - the artwork and the action of the artwork - Le Confort Moderne asserts a reading of a gallery activated by the works within it, while the corollary of the gallery provides the content as much as the form. So to say, more than an exhibition showing comfortable objects, Le Confort Moderne explores the topicality of the action and its continuous modernity. From the stage to the salon de peinture; from the score to the live performance, and from the garden to the cinema, a total work is constructed.

Une exposition avec Francis Baudevin / Stefan Brüggemann / Henry Codax / Philippe Decrauzat & Alan Licht / Gaylen Gerber / Kenneth Goldsmith / Marc Hurtado & Sébastien Vitré / Martina Klein / Jutta Koether / Sadie Laska / Franck Leibovici / Olivier Mosset / Charlotte Moth / Mai-Thu Perret & Ik ue Mori / Stephen Prina / Florian & Michael Quistrebert / Claude Rutault / Giorgio Sadotti / Hugo Schüwer-Boss / Susan Stenger & F.M. Einheit / Alan Vega / Jacques Villeglé Commissaire associé : Mathieu Copeland