Stefan Brüggemann
First Act First Act First Act First Act First Act First Act First Act First Act First Act First Act

Group First Act Curated by Andrea Torreblanca, Museo Rufino Tamayo Mexico City Mexico 2012

Press Release

First Act

Artists in the exhibition: Mark Benson, Stefan Brüggemann, Andre Cadere, Tacita Dean, Thomas Demand, Ceal Floyer, Lucio Fontana, Andrea Fraser, Douglas Gordon, Adad Hannah*, Fritzia Irizar, Adriana Lara, Natalia Martinez, Nils Nova, Goran Petercol, Wilfredo Prieto and SUPERFLEX . Deball artists Mariana Castillo, Ana Roldán and Pablo Vargas Lugo made Covers for the reopening of the Tamayo Museum as part of this exhibition.

Curated by Andrea Torreblanca

Group exhibition takes as its starting point the moment the institution reopens the "curtain" in his inaugural ceremony. First Act problematizes, from the social and political nature of this event, the role of the museum in relation to the viewer, the work of art, space and criticism. On the one hand, through rhetorical elements of the history of painting and theatrical representation, as are the windows and the curtain is revealed the link between expectation generated before any act or exhibition and what we actually see reflected in these scenarios. Furthermore, various works criticize and question the institution as a system that exerts a power over the public defined as a specific form of knowledge and approach to art.

The title of this exhibition refers not only to the opening act, but a first chapter, opening at the beginning of a script and triumphal entries. Walking down a red carpet, a curtain or place open on a space reflectors, are practices that are associated with theatricality and spectacle. However, in this case, the main stage is the museum and the public actors who are integrated into the space of representation. Therefore, rather than referring to the stage, the works function as gestures that suggest an atmosphere to imagine the museum.