Stefan Brüggemann
Stefan Brüggemann Stefan Brüggemann Stefan Brüggemann Stefan Brüggemann

Solo Stefan Brüggemann GAM Mexico City Mexico 2004

Press Release

Galeria de Arte Mexicano is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by the artist Stefan Brüggemann. The works exhibited are devised to create a polemic. Not a polemic about language, as might be expected from the title, but about pictures. Brüggemann is interested in ‘Words That Become Pictures’ and ‘Pictures That Become Words’ as suggested in one of his works. In this way he questions the idea of transferring or mirroring information. Language, then, becomes a way of remembering, of reflecting and refracting events. These laconic picture-signs act as memorials to language which must be reactivated. They create imaginary spaces or experiences for the audience invoked by words. The spaces are created through the individual act of looking, and each look is always new, notwithstanding the familiarity of the statement. Indeed, it is precisely the intelligibility of the text which allows the viewer to formulate an experience, since the artist intends no ambiguity. Brüggemann’s words are his, though the resulting images are not controlled by the artist, but by the viewer in the act of perceiving, remembering and creating a new for themselves.

These pieces reveal one of Stefan Bruggemann´s principals strategies: to inject pop sensibility into conceptualist strategie.