Stefan Brüggemann
Inside Out Dos líneas (Fe) White Noise Not black, not white, silver Purple Magazine A Place Outside the Law Allow Action (Gold Paintings) Hyper-Conscious The Final Mess Truth Lie Untitled Action (Gold Paintings) OK (Untitled Action) Headlines & Last lines in the movies (Guernica) Pop Minimalism HA HA What does this represent? What do you represent? Hi-Speed Contrast Paintings Hi-Speed Contrast Take Put and Abandon Trash To be political it has to look nice Stefan Brüggemann Independent Timeless Puddle Paintings Independent Projects Sed Tantum dic Verbo The Wall This is not an Exit Headlines & Last lines in the movies (Protest) You keep out of this (Puddle Paintings and Text Piece) Monuments for the Ceiling I-X Stefan Brüggemann Things from Before An Exhibition without Words On Sociology Tectonic An Exhibition (This is not Supposed to be Here) Now Here is also Nowhere Primer Acto/First Act Misrepresentation, Mistake and Non-Disclosure Neon. La materia luminosa dell'arte Graphology Untitled (Joke & Definition Paintings) (Corrupted) Text Pieces, Obliterated Mirror & Tautological Paintings Stefan Brüggemann Graphology Chapter 2 The World trapped in the self (Windows for Mirrors) Headlines & Last lines in the movies Where do we go from Here Stefan Brüggemann United Technologies Monday Stefan Brüggemann The Fall Black Box Shallow