Stefan Brüggemann

Lisa Rosendahl, 2008
Use of Term Catalogue

A title – of an artwork or an exhibition – inhabits the seductive middle ground between saying it all and revealing absolutely nothing. The work Show Titles is an ongoing list of suggestions for exhibition titles. Within an exhibition context they are displayed in black vinyl lettering on the wall. They can also be accessed on Stefan Brüggemann’s website. The titles can be used by anyone without authorisation and are for free. The only condition being that in case of use, the exhibition title should be credited as an artwork by Stefan Brüggemann. 

Working mainly with text in different formats, Brüggemann’s practice accentuates language as a medium where the content is displaced through referring to something outside of itself, shifting the context of art away from presence towards absence. In visual art, language is often used as a carrier of content in the form of titles of artworks. Similarly, an exhibition title can provide a context or perspective from which to view a whole show. In Show Titles, Brüggeman re-formulates the relationship between title and content, and between artwork and exhibition. Like the post-industrial enterprise, Brüggemann’s ideas-as-products are not destroyed in the act of consumption, but rather transformed, enriched and expanded, redefining the traditional distinction between production and consumption, and between author and audience. Replacing the idea of original innovation with the ongoing process of gathering and circulating information, the cultural value of the Show Titles changes every time they are activated and put to use.